Pavement Services

EML is the right choice for reliable, value-driven roadway and airfield marking, marking removal, and cleaning services. Our services meet all required DOT, FAA, Navair, UFC, and federal specifications.

We use the industry’s most technologically advanced equipment for the purpose of exceeding customer expectations for quality and schedule requirements.

Marking Services

Marking services can be customized to tackle any road and airport striping application with high productivity and accuracy. Our laser guided marking system is computer controlled saving time and money through reduced setup times and built-in patterns for quick recall. The system is capable of marking up to three feet in a single pass and ASME rated reflective bead application at up to 18 kg per minute.

Marking Removal

Marketing removal services are accomplished at rates up to 12 inches wide and 6,500 linear feet per hour. Simultaneous vacuum recovery of the paint allows for the application of new markings in as little as 20 minutes. In airfield environments, simultaneous vacuuming allows for immediate emergency landings during the removal process.

Cleaning and Retexturing

Cleaning and retexturing services are accomplished at a rate of up to 40,000 square feet per hour. Cleaning saves money by rejuvenating the markings and reducing the frequency of painting. Cleaning also rehabilitates surfaces to safe operating conditions by restoring friction due to rubber buildup, asphalt bleeding, and broom polishing.

EML proudly provides these services 24 hours and seven days a week, to the Florida panhandle and surrounding States. No job is too big or too small.

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