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Scott Barlow

As the CEO of EML, Scott focuses on leveraging EML’s engineering and technical expertise to serve its commercial and government clients emphasizing strong execution and customer satisfaction. Scott is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and its 350+ team members throughout the United States.

Since founding EML in 1997, Scott has helped drive and execute the company’s long-term strategies, technical programs, and customer-focused culture. His leadership has led EML from a regional calibration laboratory to national provider. He has successfully managed many of the company’s strategies including the shift to facility support services where EML is now recognized as an industry leader.

Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in biomedical and electrical engineering from Vanderbilt University.

“If you take care of your people and give them what they need to succeed, they will take care of the customer. The result is a virtuous circle that builds and maintains solid relationships founded on trust and confidence.”

Mike Courter

As President of EML, Mike is responsible for developing and nurturing a positive company image and a healthy relationship between customers and vendors. In addition to over 10 years with EML, Mike has accrued 35 years of experience in the construction and operations and maintenance industries.

Prior to being president of EML, he held multiple positions in operations management including: COO, regional director, and project manager. Mike has been involved in facilities maintenance and construction for the Department of Defense BOS contracts for the Airforce, Navy and Marine Corps as well as the General Services Administration managing contracts worth up to 60 million dollars a year.

“I am customer focused managing the details, no matter the significance, that is the heart of customer satisfaction.  I believe in being honest and doing what we say we are going to do and not making excuses but making things right.  This is what defines us in the eyes of those that rely on us for the services we provide.”

Joe Webb
VP of Operations

As VP of Operations at EML, LLC, Joe is directly responsible for regional operations management which includes all EML government contracts and our calibration facility in Franklin, TN. Since joining EML in 2010, Joe has provided a comfortable working environment for all employees and tenants and has ensured that work was always completed on time and in accordance with contract requirements per the terms and conditions of all maintained government contracts.

His belief in getting it done right the first time is his fundamental, driving initiative. He leads by example and is always there to pass down skills and enrich the minds of those that choose the same career path. Joe has experience in electricity, electronics and BAS systems. He has managed multiple military hospital, GSA, IRS and DoD O&M contracts.

“Customer service is the great differentiator, if you get that right you will be successful time and time again!”

Jason Powell
VP of Sales

Jason is responsible for the growth of EML through capturing new business, developing strategic partnerships, maintaining current customer relationships, overseeing EML calibration efforts and pursing other industries of interest.

Joining EML in 2019, Jason brings over 30 years of general and sales management including healthcare, retail, and industrial distribution worldwide. He has held many managerial roles in retail and manufacturing with notable companies including Amazon, Walmart, VF Corp, HCA, Mercy Health and the VA. His success has been attributed to his ability to exceed his customers’ expectations; after all, they are not buying our product or service, they are buying the end result.

“I am committed to leading our innovative marketing effort and will continue to communicate the EML value of doing what is right, because that is the right thing to do.”